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right now. fears the violence is growing as a florida pastor moves ahead with his plans to hold a controversial koran burning on the ninth anniversary of 9/11. despite public -- from the white house, the state department and the vatican, the pastor plans to go through with all of this is on saturday at the small church in gainsville. the obama administration calls the idea of the burning of the holy book disgraceful and admits there is little it can do to stop it. college of right now -- as of right now, we're not convinced that backing down is the right thing o. september 11th, we shall continue with our plan. it's regrettable a pastor in gainsville, florida, with a church of no more than 50 people, can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan and get the
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world's attention. that is the world we live in right now. >> reporter: the growing media attention reaching muslims worldwide who have been angrily protesting and some promising violence against americans. meanwhile, members of the local muslim community are making a apply for peace. bob barnard is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: leaders of the washington area's christian and jewish and muslim faith community are meeting here tonight and plan to talk about the pastor and his plans to burn the holy book of islam this weekend. we spoke with the host of tonight's meeting a short time ago. >> people are hurt and they say that the united states of america is a symbol of peace and freedom of religion and freedom of expression. and somebody's misusing and abusing this freedom to hurt muslims. >> reporter: pentecostal preacher terry jones said he's
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going ahead with plans to host a koran-burning bonfire saturday at his gainsville church property despite growing pressure from the obama administration to call it off. >> our burning of the koran is to call the attention that something's wrong. something is wrong. it's possibly time for us in a new way to actually stand up and confront terrorism. >> reporter: talk of burning talks of the koran on u.s. soil united passionate protest on the streets of the middle east. imam nassim who resides at the mosque in silver spring said unless pastor jones is stopped, the radical muslims he rails against will, again, target the u.s. with hate-filled violence. >> in other countries, people don't say this is a small group in florida. they say in america our holy book is being burned, so they
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will be employing more suicide bombers to come and hurt the united states interests. so, it's a very small group but the perception given outside will be big and it's very, very dangerous. >> reporter: at a meeting with the area's interfaith leaders in washington yesterday, u.s. attorney general eric holder called pastor jones' plans idiotic and dangerous and u.s. officials seem at a loss to do anything to stop it, citing the pastor's 1st amendment rights, brian. the news edge on the d.c. mayoral race and forget everything you heard on the huge 17-point lead. a new clareis poll just released tonight at 6:00, shows vincent gray leading mayor fenty by seven points. they have gray leading 48% to likely voters and the same poll in mid-august showed gray with a five-point lead n. this poll,
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the lead as you can tell is widening. the research group polled nearly 500 democrats. by phone yesterday, it's a non- partisan polling firm conducting the survey for its own use and not on behalf of either candidates. much is being written and said about the fiery exchanges live last night on fox 5 news at 10. the two major candidates for d.c. mayor watched our debate on campaign issues between two of their top supporters, ward 8 council member marion barry who backed vincent gray and the cofounder supporting fenty and karen gray houston has more to try to get insight. >> reporter: there are articles in the local newspapers and people are blogging about it. i spoke to marion barry and moden who both thought they were successful getting their points across and one expert thought it helped both candidates. >> reporter: on the campaign
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trail, there was lots for the candidates to talk about, includeing about last night's debate. >> i thought it was a good exchange of different opinions where the city should go and, obviously, i agree with ron. >> it was a big risk discussion between the two. i appreciate the fact that the mayor made the point he was not a spokesperson for our campaign. >> reporter: and -- [ indiscernible ] >> lorenzo morris is a political science professor. we watched the debate with him at howard university. >> and i have a different opinion than my icon, who i love marion barry when he said things haven't changed. we have four new rec centers, 3,000 libraries and units for the homeless. >> what about the people? adrian fenty is -- talked about recreation centers and what about jobs for the parents of the student, the kids. >> reporter: professor morris talked about moden's prominence in the fenty campaign where there is less visible support
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from civic groups, labor unions and searches. >> the incumbent bills mediating allies and fenty, as he runs alone, stands on the streets alone, appears to be the lone enincumbent. >> reporter: and he said the city forgave barry for his past mistakes and slammed gray for allegations of cronyism. >> and look in the 90 ate and -- 90s and in the budget, gave france over $5 million worth of contracts. >> i don't see how anyone can go for adrienne spent when he he sat around with the $50 million of d.c. taxpayer's money being taken and -- $82 million in contract. >> reporter: hard ton what is true. morris said it probably doesn't matter. and in post debaste conversations, marion barley said the mistakes he made were personal and said fenty is governmental and involved the city. moden challenges people to name
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three reasons why they should vote for gray without saying fenty. both sides are insisting the other engaged in financial mismanagement. who won the debate? we're letting the viewers decide. if you haven't seen it yet g to our website, and our coverage continues tonight at 10. we'll have the president of that clarice research group that did that poll live to break down the latest poll and we'll talk with king. the columnist of the "washington post" for his unique insight into the race and candidates and how the campaign is playing out around the district. a controversial ruling in louden county. still ahead on the edge, find out if religious displays will have to be taken down at the county courthouse. and new charges involved of an illegal immigrant involved in a car crash who took the life of a nun. a 400-pound lion lashing out at his trainer at a hotel in vegas. 
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>> the man accused of causing a crash that killed a nun has been charged with murder. he was charged already with drunk driving and manslaughter. a grand jury handed out the indictment and he was served in jail today. he is an illegal immigrant who was in the process of being deported because he had two other dui charges on his record and faces up to 40 years in prison. virginia governor bob mcdonough unveiled a plan to privatize state-owned liquor
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stores. he believes that move would bring in hundreds of millions of and right now, there are 332 state-run liquor stores and his plan will allow 1,000 licenses. the state legislator approved that plan. a new study finds there have been more than 85 food recalls while americans continue to wait for congress to update food safety laws. according to the stud net last 49 months, 56 recalls have can occurred in maryland due to contamination by salmonella, and other bacteria. in july tan, the house of representatives passed a bill updating the food safety net. the full senate has yet to act on it. and should rylidgeeous displays be allowed at the courthouse. the vote that is causing controversy ahead of the holiday season. and onlookers watch in horror as a lion goes after the trainer at a hotel in las vegas. stop fighting, do not fight
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at this show. >> and lady gaga promoting peace during a concert. stopped right here in the nation's capitol. we'll tell you more about it. but first, did you notice something different about google? it displays results in the middle of the page as soon as users begin to type in their requests. it's called instant search. google believes the feature will enable the search engine to anticipate what you're looking for with just one key stroke. d 
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>> the holiday season is several months away and it's creating controversy. in loudoun county, virginia. at issue, whether or not religious and other displays should be allowed on the grounds of the county courthouse. laura evans is here with more on a decision made today. >> reporter: the louden county board of supervisors voted to continue to allow the holiday displays at the courthouse. >> our courthouse square doubles as our public square at the time and if there is an error to be made here, i believe that we need to air on the side of inclusion and free speech. >> that was supervisor sally kirch and joined other members. there was one dissenting vote. a county committee wanted to ban it fearing vandals might
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strike. leesburg's mayor asked the board to continue allowing the displays. >> these are the critical tenants of our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and religion and that means so much to many people in leesburg that we be allowed to continue to celebrate our faith. >> today's vote allows religious and secular displays. the board of supervisors -- to build a display from an atheist group and another from a group promoting the religion from the star wars movie jedi knights. lady gaga, the peace police. she was in d.c. last night for a show at the verizon center and stopped her performance in the middle of the song to break up a fight. ♪ ♪ >> stop the music.
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stop fighting. you're not -- do not fight at this show. >> the show stopped for about a minute while she spoke to the crowd and told fans she didn't want any fighting and that it was about love. that is some gaga love there. >> and she's? charlotte, my daughter's seeing her tonight. >> a gaga fan? >> yeah. >> and that is why we don't have dale conversations. >> and it's going to be better and september's running 6 degrees above average and yes, it's going to get cooler and temperatures will drop and, believe it or not, we'll head for the 50s. the air is incredibly dry as
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soon as the sun goes down and we lose the heating for the day, we'll be in great shape and if you don't want to see the temperatures, shield your eyes. 96 and dulles tied their record, 93 in 2007 and bwi marshal, 92 and it was about the wind direction. it can be hot and extremely destroy and -- dry. that is why we have the red flag warning up until 7:00 and have increased fire danger because of the breeze and the lack of humidity and the fact that we have not had measurable rain in 17 days here in d.c. and it's easy for brush fires to get started. we saw one in bowie earlier this evening and sky fox is over that the that at 5:00. the winds are not helping and winds out of the northwest gusting to 25 and 23 so, we're going to see this continuing during the day tomorrow and not so much the red flag warning but the national weather service will determine if that
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is issued again and the winds are breezy tomorrow and it's been 17 days since we have had rain, an inch below at reagan and an inch and .04 at dulles. an inch and .06 at bwi and the next chance of rain is coming in on sunday and primarily during the day on sunday. 92 degrees in d.c. and we're dropping off. gaithersburg, 86 and to the north. we have found -- and 58. new york city, 83 and so, on the other side of the mountain, we're watching the cool air and trying to statute of limitation slip into town. these are the overnight lows, 51 for front royal; 52 for frederick and 53. this is a clear and comfortable
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night as soon as we see the sun departing and we'll head for the 50s with 60s downtown and the northwest breeze will continue at 10 to 15 and we will be on the breezy side tomorrow and lots of sun, 78 degrees and it will be feeling cool and it will be a mild day and at 8 in the morning, 63 degrees in some areas in the 50s. by 4:00, and the high will be 78 degrees. there is the front, the clouds are clearing on out and a couple of showers through central virginia and that is all we had. what was tropical storm hermine is now an area of low pressure and produced huge amounts of flooding rain in austin and dallas and that could come in our direction later this weekend to bring us a chance of showers and a thunderstorm on sunday and this is your five- day forecast. some cool, wonderful days and some of the best weather september had and it's dry and
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that low temperature is 58 degrees tomorrow night and we climb into the low 80s and right now, not seeing the brutal mid-90s in the forecast. >> all right and thank you. >> right. >> i'm happy. did you see this? a 400-pound lion attacking a trainer in las vegas. they were in the enclosure with a maile male and female lion. the male attacked and the other trainer and lioness were able to break it up the train her to get stitches on the leg. the u.s. agricultural department is investigating trying to figure out what provoked this in the first place, beside the obvious, being a man inside a cage with a lion. it's one of the biggest rivalries in sports. will mcnabb be ready to go when the skins open the season against the cowboys. and first, microsoft and the folks at xbox live are apologizing to a 26-year-old
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gamer because his profile listed fort gay as his location, that is a real town in west virginia. his gaming privileges were suspended last week until he could prove it. an executive at xbox live said he will contact moore and apologize personally.
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to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪ >> good afternoon, the cowboys
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and redskins will battle the 101st time, a rivalry spanning 50 years. sunday night, mcnabb will meet the cowboys the third straight time. a streak that spans 8 1/2 months. the scheduling quirk and big coincidence and gave everyone a scare against the ravens on august 21st and suffered a left ankle injury and didn't play the remainder of the season and held out of practice until this week, donovan is no longer favoring the ankle and is ready to go. he was asked what percentage do you feel healthwise? >> does not matter at this point and this is the regular season. it's time to play football. >> which brings us to the other big story, albert hainesworth. yesterday, widespread rumors he was on the trading blocks, specifically with the old team the titans and he denied the rumors. today, coach mike shanahan made
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things crystal clear. >> and albert will be with our team on sunday. yes. >> and that -- . >> i thought i would help you and i know you have a job to do and we'll leave it at that. >> if someone calls you now and has something they wanted to talk about, you wouldn't listen to that? >> i guess he didn't hear what i said, said what? >>you said you would be with the team on sunday. >> okay. >> and nothing could change that. you guys are tough. you guys are tough. >> and i want to make sure i got it right, mike. >> you never know. if he was not here, he would call me a liar, wouldn't you? you would then have the right to do that. >> okay. >> and the nationals and mets this afternoon. another game, the three-game set. the bottom of the 5th, nats trail 2-0 and ramos to the field and the first of his career and congratulate him and top of the 7th, still tied 2-2
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and pinch hitter and comes around with the game-winning run and nats beat know by the nets 3-2 and begin tomorrow at home and looking for the sweep with the yanks in new yorkence is june 1986 and billion of the 9th, claiming to a 2-1 lead. facing nick swisher with a run or and to deep left fold and walk off to prevention the sweep. the yankees rally to beat the orioles in dramatic fashion 3- 2. coming up, more on dallas week. the cowboys and redskins for the 101st time. >> and i can talk to you about what is up with mike shanahan? >> seems like something is going there. i don't know. >> okay. talk to you about it at 11. see you then.
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